07 July 2007

Philosophical question and cool trend stuff

Trend Hunter serves up cool, funny stuff that makes you feel, 'I'm either really normal or really abnormal for not understanding the allure of this stuff.'

Will people buy the solid gold dress ($250,000, 183,000 Euro), the USB Butt Cooler (4,800 yen, $39, 29 Euro) or the Swiss Glamour Camping Kit ($299, 219 Euro)? Do these things demonstrate the ultimate in consumerism? Is all this stuff just a substitute for 'self actualization' (Maslow's hierarchy of needs)?

Is worth in the eye of the beholder? Or in the eye of the person observing the beholder?

There was a great story in the New Zealand Herald about need vs. want. (I found the link through Google. I don't suffer that much from screen suck.) But for me, it's not just a financial question. This lens on Squidoo is an interesting exploration into Huxley's Brave New World.

I can't throw too many stones. Do I really need my iPod, all the books on my shelves or the special treats I feed Sophie? No. But do I want them, yes.

If found these suggestions. I don't know about all of them but it's a place to start.
Ask yourself:
1. Can I live without it?
2. Will the world stop going around if I do not have it?
3. Will it make a big difference in my life if I do have it?
4. Will my life end if I go without this item?
5. Can I find it elsewhere for less money?
6. Can I find it on sale or clearance or used?

Guess I won't be purchasing the butt cooler.


Michael said...

It reminds me of Socrates in the marketplace, "How many things I have no need of."

Eclectchick said...

The Sophie treats are DEFINITELY a "need" item.