13 July 2007

Exit strategy

'Exit strategy' and Iraq were all over the news today. That reminded me of work incident. Each year our department goes off for a day and half to plan for the coming year. It's very productive and as a treat, we mix in a bit of fun.

A few years back, a not-to-be-named co-worker was in charge of planning the 'fun' part of the retreat. It was horrible, uncomfortable and included costumes. We felt like hostages.

The activity was meant to 'bond' our team. It did do that but with an unexpected twist. We all bonded around how much we hated it.

Another co-worker had gin hidden away in a corner. (Our retreat was on the campus of an undergraduate, and therefore dry, campus.) She'd approach people quietly and ask, "Do you want a drink?" The universal, glee-filled response was, "You have liquor?" If we had to sit through this we might as well have a gin and tonic in hand. Part way into the awfulness my boss leaned over to me and said, "Is there an exit strategy for this?"


KG said...

Ah, loving reliving that memory. Thanks for that.

~moe~ said...

Which was probably why the next year we had oodles of alcohol instead of just one bottle of gin. :)

Eclectchick said...

Ahhh, one of the few pleasures of being a paeon - not having to attend little hell-ettes such as this.

Sophzilla said...

Moe -- we like the Boy Scout motto, "Be prepared!"