27 June 2007

What PowerPoint deserves

PowerPoint has its uses but it is often, justifiably, maligned. It's something to look at as the person drones on and on. It keeps you from going totally mad. Especially when running, screaming from the room isn't an option. Don't get me started on those who put their entire spoken presentation on their PowerPoint slides. Or those that fill the slides with words. Sheesh! It's supposed to be an overview not a booklet!

The next time you're forced to do a PowerPoint presentation, head on over to Crappy Graphs. At least there will be something enticing in your presentation. Some of the brilliant options for you:
FYI -- If you Google "hate PowerPoint" you get over 10,000 hits.

Found this info at BrandFlakesForBreakfast, a great blog from an advertising firm in Danbury, Connecticut.


mai said...


i love what i saw in crappy graphs!

blog hoppin'! =)

Sophzilla said...

Thanks Mai! I like your blog!

~moe~ said...

have you seen this:


~moe~ said...

This isn't bad either:


Sophzilla said...

Oh Moe, I knew you were fiendish and clever. One of the many reasons you're such a groovy chick! :)