05 June 2007

Day-old sushi

On Seth Godin's blog, a repulsive story about sushi. Day old? Mmmmm. I don't even like sushi but I know that's wrong.


Julia said...

Are you changing your blog's look again?

Sophzilla said...

I am a good example of 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.' I was messing around with the template and the sunburst got all messed up. It was late and I was disgusted so I decided to go with a standard template. I also like to visually change things up now and again. A pretty bad combination. I just never learn my lesson! :)

Eclectchick said...

As IF I'm gonna go read that. (scoff, scoff)

The new look is nice. I thought about changing mine up a bit, but then saw some ominous warning or other about what could happen . . . Maybe another time. :-)