27 June 2007

Subversive cross stitch

Crafty Planet, a very hip store in North Minneapolis, has a wonderful line of subversive cross stitch patterns. This is one of the more suitable for this blog. I do love some of the others!
I would like to add a few others. I better get designing.
  • Get Away From Me
  • You Make Me Ill
  • Please Don't Talk to Me


~moe~ said...

I love these! And there's a really nice one for Rolf, which even donates a portion to the Komen Foundation which appeals to my pink heart.

Sophzilla said...

Cool! You're running the TC Marathon this fall, right? We'll have to come and heckle, I mean cheer you on! :)

~moe~ said...

that would be awesome! I would love to have hecklers there.