06 June 2007

New technology, new pressure on thugs

Amnesty International (AI UK, Germany) launched a new way pressure the Sudanese government -- a Webcam in Darfur, "Eyes on Darfur." Peacekeepers and representatives from Amnesty haven't been able to get into Sudan in a couple of years. From the 'technology is a beautiful thing!' file:
The human rights organization hopes its "Eyes on Darfur" project will help prevent violence before it happens, and compel computer users worldwide to pressure the country's president, Omar al-Bashir, to let peacekeepers into the country.
This sets my liberal soul on fire. A serious break in the wall the Sudanese government has try to build between the atrocities and the rest of the world. Evidence!

On Eyes on Darfur you can get information on villages in particular danger (those close to resources the Janjaweed wants, such as water) as well as learn what you can do to stop the madness. On the NPR site you can see images of a village before an after the Janjaweed came through and hear the report on Eyes on Darfur.

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