08 April 2007

Streams of consciousness

I'm addicted to Caribou Coffee. There's a new one on my way to work. And it has a drive-through. I fool myself into thinking that it's so much faster to get my coffee through the drive-through than having to get my butt out of the car. Their coffee is just the best and when I ask for for a decaf with an inch of skim milk that is exactly what I get. I love their slogan, "Life is short. Stay awake for it." On the drive through there's a bar across so that if you have a high truck you won't drive up and tear the roof off the drive-through window. On the bar it says, "Life is short. How about your truck?"

My niece Katy is a weird eater. She doesn't like chocolate anything but loves M&Ms. She also doesn't like meat but will eat a whole bunch of meatballs. When asked if she wanted a hamburger for dinner she said, "I want a hamburger but without the burger or ham."

When I was growing up we had a rule, "Whoever saw the dog throw up has to clean it up."


Eclectchick said...

I wish my hubby obeyed that rule . . . But no, I always have to clean EVERYTHING up, cuz I'm the vet tech. Whatever.

rigtenzin said...

Don't take that crap. Make him clean it up. Tell him you cleaned it up the last 1000 times and now it's his turn. Men will take any easy out that people allow. I know.

This is similar to dads who ignore dirty diapers and crying babies. That really pisses me off.

rigtenzin said...

I forgot to mention that analyzing dog vomit is fun.

"Hey, the dog just puked your pantyhose!"

Matt_J said...

That's a cool rule. We had a rule when I was growing up-- no blood, no bandaid.