15 April 2007

Sights on a walk

Sophie and I were out for a stroll today. Two items of note. One of my neighbors was out waxing his car. We nicknamed him Waylon because he looks like Waylon Jennings. I have no idea what his real name is. Whilst waxing the car a song by Pat Benetar was blaring out of his garage. One of those where she is belting out an anthem of some sort. It was like a nasty '80s flashback. Luckily he was still wearing a shirt. When it reaches about 65 degrees (about 18C) he removes his shirt. It does not go back on -- when he's outside at home anyway -- until fall. You know it is fall when Waylon puts on a shirt again.

In front of another house a puppy started loping toward us. The homeowner, sans shirt, was calling to the dog to keep her from running in the street. "Stella! Stella!"


Eclectchick said...

That song was likely "Love is a Battlefield." Don't you feel so much better knowing that?

How unfortunate Waylon insists on the shirtlessness. However, I have a neighbor who (hurray!) occasionally goes shirtless whilst mowing and such. I have been known to peek through the blinds and watch . . ..

Tim said...

are you joking about the Stella! Stella! ??

either way, that is hilarious.

Eclectchick said...

Ohhh, yes. I was so caught up in a reverie of my neighbor's shirtlessness, I forgot to comment on the "Stella!!!"


Sophzilla said...

I'm fine never seeing Waylon without a shirt. But alas, once spring hits there's no getting around it.

Tim--Yes! The shirtless man, not Waylon, was indeed yelling Stella. I wonder if his name is Stanley?