29 April 2007

Dogs and bikes

A while back I went into a bike shop and asked if there was anything that would allow me to take Sophie on a bike ride with me. She's 24 lbs. (about 11 kg) so a basket or a snuggly (like a backpack but you wear it on the front with small dog or baby inside) wouldn't work. Besides, the snuggly would be just plain embarrassing. The guy helping me couldn't have been more than 17 years old. He was very kind and said about the only thing that would work would be a Burley (see right). As I left the store I thanked him for not making fun of me. He said that once he got to the back of the store, where several other teenagers were hanging about, they would all have a good laugh. I told him that was fine as long as they didn't laugh at me to my face. I decided against the Burley. The cost is a bit steep for how often I'd use it and besides, it's just a bit odd.

Today, what do I see? A couple on bikes, one of them with a Burley. Inside, a dog. Sophie and I
stick to the walks.


Eclectchick said...

Oh, yes! I've seen dogs in Burleys quite frequently. A gal on my bike team used to commute via bike to work each day with her golden retriever tucked in a Burley behind her.

Sophzilla said...

That's just cool! I wonder if Sophzilla would settle down in the Burley?

rigtenzin said...

We have a Burley that we loaned to a neighbor couple. They put humans in it. Can you imagine the nerve of some people?

Their most recent human is only a year old, so I assume they'll keep the trailer for a few more years. After that, it's yours!