17 April 2007


I am so saddened and perplexed by the shooting at Virginia Tech. I can't get my mind around it. Today at chapel (I work at a religious school) they sang a hymn with the words below. It moved me almost to tears.
"Healer of our every ill, light of each tomorrow, give us peace beyond our fear, and hope beyond our sorrow."
The words are like a cry from the soul. A yearning, a grasping for answers. It doesn't offer the simple answers offered by some religious (e.g., "It must have been God's will" or "Jesus was calling home his angels.") And that is good. There are no simple answers here. Only questions.

I wonder what pain the shooter must have had prior to the shooting. I'm not letting him off the hook but what suffering or psychosis would drive someone to do this?


Sanning said...

It moved me to tears! Thanks for your introspection.

Sophzilla said...

Thanks Sanning! Hope all's well in Berkeley!