20 November 2010

The wurst use for a toaster

You know you're a wealthy society when wurst cooking compels innovation. From Reuters.
The wurst use for a toaster...

By Michelle Martin

BERLIN | Thu Nov 18, 2010 2:01pm EST

BERLIN (Reuters)- Two Germans fed up with eating Bratwurst sausages not fried to perfection have come up with a "Wursttoaster," or sausage toaster, to ensure caterers no longer have an excuse to serve anything less than the best.

Marco Bruns, 25, said he and his business partner Felix Rennies, 28, came up with the idea after being less than impressed with English efforts to pull off the popular German snack on one of their frequent trips to Britain.

"We went to a market where there was German Bratwurst but we discovered the English don't have a clue how to cook them -- they were completely brown on one side and completely white on the other side," he told Reuters. More

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