26 November 2010

Art viewable from space

When I read this I thought, "logistical nightmare." It is kind of crazy but I'd love to see it.
This November 20-28, 350 EARTH will launch the world’s first ever global climate art project. In over a dozen places across the globe, citizens and artists will create massive public art installations to show how climate change is already impacting our world as well as offer visions of how we can solve the crisis. Each art installation will be large enough to be seen from space and documented by satellites generously provided by DigitalGlobe.

350 eARTh: The World's First Art Exhibit Large Enough to Be Seen From Outer Space - Environment - GOOD  


Anonymous said...

Check out the photos -- they're beautiful! http://earth.350.org/big-pictures

Sophzilla said...

Thanks for the link. Absolutely gorgeous! And so audacious. "Hey, I have a cool idea and I need your help..."