09 October 2008

Thursday favorite word

I've been using the word kerfuffle a lot lately. I like that it sounds like what it is: disorder, commotion.

As best as I can tell, das Brimborium would be a good German translation. Or maybe die Umstaende.

Makes me think of rugby and a couple of meetings I've been in recently.


Julia said...

Brimborium would be the matching word. Originally this word comes from the French word "brimborion".
There's an interesting article about it on Wikipedia but in German only.
Nowadays it's "hip" to fill up the German language with anglicisms which sometimes leads to odd lingual bloomers. Remember the "Public Viewing Places" during the Soccer Worldcup? A lot of people but all alive.
Centuries ago it was distinguished to use French words.

Eclectchick said...

Your blog is in a kerfuffle, as well. Looking a bit jaundiced . . . better check them liver values.

Sophzilla said...

Julia -- thanks for the info! I'm going to look up the Wikipedia article and see if I can understand part of it. I'll probably just give myself a headache! :)

I imagine that there were a lot of bloopers during the World Cup. But at least they tried! I don't think the U.S. tries very hard to be understood by others.