26 October 2008

Found Footage Festival

I'm quite cross that I missed hearing about the Found Footage Festival until it was too late. MPR had a story about it this week. It springs from a couple of guys who comb thrift stores and garage sales for old videos. They then piece them together to create new. They have two criteria for videos they use:
  • They have to be unintentionally funny
  • A lot of ambition and questionable talent.
It started when one of the filmmakers found "Inside and Outside Custodial Duties" training video in a McDonald's break room. They fell in love with the horrible video and they were off and running.

One of the videos they created took 17 sexual harrassment awareness training videos and pieced together the what-not-to-do segments into one three-minute treat.

17 sexual harrassment training videos pieced together -- just 3 minutes of the what not to do.

Listen to the interview; check out their MySpace page.

Found Footage Festival 2008 Trailer

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