15 February 2008

New words to Shaft

I heard the theme song to Shaft the other day on the The Current.

New lyrics came to me yesterday. I realize that this throws me into the realm of really crazy dog lady. Oh well.
Think of that opening instrumental bit in Shaft, then sing:
Who's the sweet girl with all the toys? Sophie!*
*You have to say "Sophie" really fast because "Shaft" is only one syllable.


rigtenzin said...

CDLs Rule! (Crazy Dog Ladies)

They rule as long as they don't dress doggy up in costumes.


Sophzilla said...

No doggy costumes. That's the rule in my house. I love the link. Funny and scary.

Eclectchick said...

Great action shot of the Sophster!

cjschuette said...

Who's the pooch that won't cop out, when there's danger all about?

(It took me days to come up with that. I think I need coffee.)

Sophzilla said...

Cjschuette -- that's awesome! Stealing from you: Who's the pooch that poops out, if there is a pillow about?