17 November 2008

A Dumb Dare that needs to be tried

Phone a colleague's extension and ask if you can ring them right back in a moment. Put the phone down and don't call back.
From my Dumb Dares for the Office calendar. This really would mess with someone's mind. That is extremely appealing to me.


~moe~ said...

One we did at work last year was paged a guy who was sitting at his desk to dial his own number. "Brian V, please call 5678. Brian V, please call 5678." It took him a second to realize it was his own number and then he was annoyed. But it was so much fun. :)

Another one we do is after someone does a base page for something trivial (which happens too often) is that someone else will do a base page asking to repeat the page. Fun stuff.

Anonymous said...

Tried it! Did you notice? -CJ

Sophzilla said...

CJ -- I'm so dense. That was quite funny!

Moe -- I love the trouble you shake up there. Some people should be stopped and I'm glad you're working on it. :)

Sophzilla said...

CJ -- You crack me up! Sometimes I'm so literal. Karen did the same thing to me yesterday (except I called her). Pack of jokesters you are! :)