06 November 2008

Cool stuff from Veer

Veer has a lovely assortment of things you don't need but want. You can get this on a t-shirt. I would like one that says, "I write stuff all day." Maybe I'll have to wander over to Cafe Press and make my own.

They also sell a shirt with this on it. But I think I'd feel too pressured to prove myself all day.


~moe~ said...

How uncanny...there was a lady the other day with the Veer Orchard shirt on... So strange to see something like this here where I live. :)

Sophzilla said...

That's freaky, man! [making spooky ooooo noises]

Anders said...

When we first put this shirt out, I modded the wallpaper version for myself that said "I draw contrasts and comparisons all day." :)