10 March 2008

Russian Monday Morning

A couple of laughs from Russia.

This joke is going around Russia:
Vladimir Putin and Russia's new president, Dimitry Medvedev, are at a restaurant. The waitperson comes to the table and asks Putin what he would like. "A steak." The wait person says, "And the vegetable?" Putin says, "He'll have a steak, too."

And, caught on a cell phone video,
A tank stops at a liquor store to buy vodka. Then the tank crashes into a house. (This one is also sad.)


Julia said...

I think the development in Russia is really scary.

To the video: Unfortunately I have no idea what the army man says but I would bet that they won't pay the damage. It's the price that a good citizen has to pay for the security of the great Russia.
I hope I'm wrong.

Eclectchick said...

Where are the Sophzilla-smuggling pics?

Sophzilla said...

Julia -- it seems like Russia is like the Wild, Wild West. Completely out of control and no one seems to care. Things seem to have gotten worse since the fall of communism.

EclectChick -- I don't have the Sophzilla pics. Will have to remind Thusan.