26 March 2008

I knew it!

From this week's The Onion.
Study: 93% Of People Talked About Once They Leave Room

LOGAN, UT—According to an alarming new study published Monday in the American Journal Of Sociology, the vast majority of Americans are critically discussed after leaving a room occupied by two or more additional people.

The groundbreaking research contradicts decades of previous inquiries into the area, including dozens of informal surveys in which respondents adamantly denied ever having talked behind others' backs. More

Ah, passive aggressiveness. Such fun. I swear, Minnesota has got to be passive aggressive capital of the world.


~moe~ said...

I always figured that to be the case. I knew people were talking about me when I left the room, I just figured they were usually talking about me before I entered too.

and it's not much better in this state...if at all.

Sophzilla said...

The Midwest does excel in some things. :(