08 January 2008

Word Wars -- tales of the obsessed

Word Wars is one interesting trip down obsessed lane. The film's subtitle: Tiles and Tribulations on the SCRABBLE Circuit.

The film highlights four top SCRABBLE players who regularly, and frequently, compete in tournaments. So much so that three of the four don't have jobs. They practice, practice, practice and compete. SCRABBLE is their life. For example, at tournaments after the competition is finished for the day, they play SCRABBLE.

One of the best moments in the documentary takes place at a tournament. It's at a large hotel. After a round several players take a SCRABBLE board out to the hall, sit on the floor and deconstruct the last round. Down the hall there is a bride, in full bridal gear, looking at them with a look of confusion and horror.


Kate said...

Cool. I've added this to my Netflix queue!

Eclectchick said...

Enjoyed that film a good deal, tho thought the people were crackers.

I like the version of Scrabble played in the film, "Snow Cake." It's called Comic Book Word Scrabble. You can make up words like the ones which appear in comic books, i.e., in fight scenes (Aaargh!), etc.

However, if you use a made-up word, you must demonstrate how it is used, i.e., use it in a sentence, tell a story of how the word came to be used in the story, etc. qtg

Here's the clip:

Sophzilla said...

Word Play is also good. Same kind of film but about people who write and do crossword puzzles. It's lighter, funnier.

Sophzilla said...

I'd do much better at made-up-word Scrabble!