06 January 2008

A Sophie by any other name

Sophie goes by many names. Twelve in addition to her given name.
  • Licker locker
  • Lady Pees-a-lot
  • Queen of the deep sigh
  • Little Miss
  • Little Nutter
  • Sophala
  • Sophaloo
  • Pookaloo
  • Cozy girl
  • Sophie Ueberhund (super dog)
  • Sweat pea
  • Stinker
At right, Sophie sunbathing. Her favorite activity.


Eclectchick said...

Hey, Sophzilla the blog has changed her makeup, yet again. Purty!

Also, I admire you for putting all your adorable doggie nicknames out there on display. I don't know if I could ever be so brave. :-D

Sophzilla said...

I've already show extreme geek- and dopiness so I figure there's nothing to hide. ;)

rigtenzin said...

That's a nice photo of Sophie. I'd like to lay in the sun for a while.

Sophzilla said...

It would be nice to see the sun again!

Charles said...

My first dog was a Boston Terrier. He had several nicknames as well, the most "popular" being stinky dog!