19 April 2011

All about the way you think

Today's Note from the Universe slapped me upside the head. In a good way.
It's the way you think. That's your purpose. It's never been about what work you choose, what gifts you develop, or what niche you fill - let these be for your pleasure.

Think as only you can think, which will lead to feelings that only you can feel, from which connections will be made, lives will be changed, and worlds will come tumbling into existence.

    The Universe

This is why you're here.


Anonymous said...
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Marla said...

Just happened to come upon your blog. Love your Boston Terrier! I grew up with them and love the breed. I've got a pug now, but I still have a special place in my heart for all BT's!

Sophzilla said...

Thanks Maria! Bostons are indeed the sweetest!

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