27 September 2010

Monday treat, mostly from The Bugle

A Monday treat. A collection of bits from my favorite podcasts.

  The Bugle
  • Fantastically satisfactory.
  • Congratulations! You just made things worse.
  • Henry VIII to his wives. "I thought we should spend some time apart. When I said 'we,' I mean your head and your body."
  • You're coming down with a nasty case of shut your mouth.
  • It's a YP (your problem) not a MP (my problem).
  • There is a time and a place for poetry. And it's in the 19th century in an opium den.
  • Gone spoon loony.
  • He's the genius that no one claims he is.
  • He puts the 'moron' into human species.
  • He puts the 'violations' into ethics violations.
  • Looking at Putin and Ahmadinejad together, you really have two world-class cartoon baddies there ... They couldn't be more threatening if they were meeting in a lair on top of a volcano.
BBC News Quiz:
  • It looks like you put on your makeup while riding your bike along a canal.
The Dinner Party Download:
  • I'll have two plates of not that.
  • That is hardcore crazy from the get go. 

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