31 March 2009

Dogs, cats and diplomats

The G20 Summit starts on Thursday. Lots of chatter about whether it will be successful. It's definitely unwieldy. 20 countries agreeing on something?

I think that tense sessions like this should include animals. I'm serious! I look at my goofy dogs and think, "How could you stay belligerent or cranky if you've just been playing with Sophie or Pele? Who doesn't melt at a puppy or kitten?" What if before a negotiation everyone sat down on the floor and played with some animals? I can't help but think that it would help the situation. It would humanize it. Bring in a little joy and laughter.

I tell the dogs that they would be a helpful and fun addition to like G20, peace talks, etc. But I'd have to come with them. 

Check out the very cool live blog and map on the Telegraph site. 

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