28 January 2009

Super Bowl Sunday -- what else is there to watch?

Every year I threaten to have friends over for a Jane Austen film festival on Super Bowl Sunday. I'm not a football (American that is) fan and I like to have my little rebellion. Well, another year later and I haven't pulled it together. Oh well.

For those who wish to spend time with the television on Sunday, but want to avoid the football broo-ha-ha, mental_floss to the rescue: What else is on Super Bowl Sunday? Other than the Puppy Bowl, the list isn't exactly the best television has to offer. But the Biography channel's program on Charles Manson could be interesting.

On a completely different note, I'm really like this song from Laith al-Deen. The official video is disabled so take a listen to this one. No need to watch. That would be a waste of time.


red rabbit said...

Is there a Boxing Day equivilant in Canada or does one have to watch the entire Stanley Cup Series?

West Central Blogger said...

I watched Jane Austen ("Sense & Sensibility") on PBS right AFTER the Super Bowl! Great timing.

Sophzilla said...

Red Rabbit -- you're funny! West Central -- did you have a bit of a headache easing into Jane Austen? That's quite a transition!