20 September 2007

Goodbye stress, hello happy place

I love popping bubble wrap. At a summer job in college we used to roll over the bubbles with our office chairs. It was the most fantastic sound.

Bubble wrap makes a nice stress reliever and allows me to regress the days before responsibilities -- a career, a mortgage, etc. I don't get many things in bubble wrap any more. Schade! (bummer)

I was so excited to see this on Boing Boing! Although you can't roll over the Puchi Puchi Electronic Popping Bubble Wrap Toy with a chair, you still get that lovely sound. You can go to your happy place for just $7.20 (5.12 Euro). Available in five colors.


~moe~ said...

I love bubble wrap. *sigh*. I could use some today.

Julia said...

So strange what people invent and even make money with. ;)

Eclectchick said...

I'd love to hear what psychiatrists say about how enjoyable humans find bubblewrap popping.

Sophzilla said...

People will buy anything! And Eclectchick, I refuse to believe that you don't find pleasure in popping those beautiful little bubbles!