17 May 2007


Herbert Groenemeyer's new CD, Zwoelf (twelve) came out in March. I was on Amazon right away to purchase it. But I didn't. It's $33.40 (24.83 Euro) I suppose because it's an import and new. I love Groenemeyer but this seemed a bit steep.

Last night I had the very best surprise. I was snooping around iTunes for Groenemeyer and other songs. I found the CD! For $10 (7.40 Euro). I did the happy dance and downloaded it. (Lyrics are on Groenemeyer's site. Yay!) I stayed up way too late listening.

The entire CD is grossartig (grand). Every track! The music is very upbeat and uses a lot of strings and piano -- my favorites. (Mensch, his previous CD, came out within a couple years of his wife's death. It was, understandably, dark.) My current favorite is Liebe liegt nicht (Love doesn't leave -- I think. I can know the meaning of a word or phrase in German but often can't iterate it in English. I would make a horrible translator.)

One last plug. He supports DATA (Debt AIDS Trade Africa). " DATA is an advocacy organization dedicated to eradicating extreme poverty and AIDS in Africa." It monitors the G8's progress on its promise to Africa.


Eclectchick said...

Angst, angst, angst!!!!! Musical angst!

Anonymous said...

"Liebe liegt nicht" literally translated means "love doesn't lie" (as in "he was lying on the bed"), so it might mean something like "love doesn't rest".

But "Liebe liegt nicht" also sounds very much like "Liebe lügt nicht" - which would also mean "love doesn't lie" (now as in "opposed to tell the truth")

In the context of the lyrics to the song Grönemyer sings "Liebe liegt nicht in der Luft" which means "Love isn't in the air", perhaps an allusion to "Love is in the air" by John Paul Young.

Sophzilla said...

Anon -- thanks for the clarification!

Eclectchick -- I think thou protests too much. ;)

Eclectchick said...

No way. I far prefer les chanteurs français.