20 December 2005

Hobo lore

If you haven't heard the interview with John Hodgman on the Daily Show, please do. It's incredibly silly. And, you get to hear Jon Stewart giggle.

To hear the list of hobo names read aloud, click here. I like Staniel the Spaniel, Giant Batwings Roland, Salty Salty Friday, and Mr. Wilson Fancypants. I wish my name was Mr. Wilson Fancypants.


Anonymous said...

OK, Mr. Wilson Fancypants, your wish has been granted. Every good blogger deserves their desires during this special season.

And speaking of the season, how is Sophzilla celebrating? Does she wear seasonal clothing? Nip the egg nog? And how, since she is so short, does she hang the mistletoe?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I wondered about Sophzilla's Xmas too. I think she'd look very cool with reindeer antlers.

Anonymous said...

Antlers? No! She'd be much better with fur lined boots. :)

Anonymous said...

Now you people are NOT being fair to Sophzilla. I can tell by her photos that she is a LADY. No antlers. No silly boots. Most likely a scarf and tasteful ear muffs.